9 Responses to “Trailer”
  1. Lois C. Henderson says:

    The ignorance that this film reveals is horrifying and is to be totally deplored, not true commitment and love between long-term partners.

  2. ridelo says:

    Why would somebody in Uganda CHOOSE to be homosexual if the only thing they get by that is a lot of misery? No, it’s plain and simple: you’re born that way. The more fortunate heterosexuals could better live with that. It has nothing to do with west or east, north or south. It has everything to do with being human. Where is that so called Christian compassion? Hasn’t Uganda already enough problems that they can afford to vilify a considerable part of their population? Do they perhaps long for a new Idi Amin?

    • Goth says:

      well someone in Uganda would choose to be homosexual because that is how they were born to be they didnot just choose to be well i would also ask why would heterosexuals choose to be it is not a choice it is a matter of understanding who you really are let me say if you are always attracted to girls no matter how much you would want to get attracted to boys can never happen so ridelo it is not a choice it is just the way we were made and trust me the God who made the heterosexuals is the same one who made the homosexuals and that is just how it is in black and white but somehard headed people refuse to accept it

    • colin says:

      Im a Ugandan and in Uganda now. It was such bad news for the murder of David. Surely no one here can. Tell that is a gay or lesbian unless he or she want to die and no one knows the account for death. I’m not gay and don’t mind if someone else is!! But I would respect their rights

  3. Nahadi says:

    i’m gonna watch it today!

  4. “Call Me Kuchu” is a reminder that the struggle for LGBT right in Africa is real and we must stand up and speak out. Highly Recommended

  5. “If we are against the oppressed, they may think that God is also against them, which is not true.”
    Beautifully put.

  6. deepak says:

    looks amazing!

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  1. […] con una campagna mondiale per sostenere i diritti dei gay in Uganda, di cui il documentario Call me Kuchu, presentato al Festival del Cinema di Berlino, è un'importante tappa. Rimane un quesito per noi: […]

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