What follows a successful Kickstarter campaign? Rewards rewards rewards!

Thanks to the generous folk that frequent Kickstarter, our fundraising campaign closed last month with nearly 120% of our goal. The response was amazing: we got some good press, including a Q&A on the Kickstarter blog, and we raised nearly $12,000, essential funds to allow us to edit the film. But most importantly, those backers have helped us prove that there’s already a passionate and engaged audience for Call Me Kuchu. That came in particularly useful last month, when we took part in an intense few days of pitching our film to broadcasters and producers as one of nine projects (and only two docs) at the L.A. Film Festival’s “Fast Track” financing market. Having the Kickstarter campaign to hold up as proof of general public interest in Call Me Kuchu was invaluable, and more than fifty meetings later (!) we’re feeling excited about the film’s future. (Although our throats are still a little sore!)

But now it’s time to say a proper THANK YOU and dispatch our rewards to our beloved backers… just as soon as Malika untangles all those recycled paper bead necklaces from Uganda, we’ll be good to go!

As always, let us know if you have any thoughts or questions about the film, or just want to chat: callmekuchu@gmail.com. And don’t forget to follow our progress and receive updates on the situation in Uganda via Facebook and Twitter.


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